Photo Gallery

Below are several different albums of photos taken around the Lower Lakes and Lower Murray before and during the drought.

Photos of the Lower Lakes, River Murray and Murray Mouth during the drought on the 'Photo Map' 

See photos of windblown dust taken May 2010.

See where these photos were taken on our photo map.

Slideshow of Wally's Landing photos over one year 2009-2010

Slideshow of the Lower Murray taken December 2009

Photos over 4 years near Clayton Bay 2006-2009

Photos of Lower Lakes during drought 2008-2009

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Acid Sulphate Soils Exposed - May 2009

Recent rains bring sulphuric acid to the surface, Currency Creek

Pyrites on the surface, acid in the cracks, More photos of the bio remediation


School chalk (Calcium carbonate) dissolving in the acid

Acid Sulphate Soils Worsening - June 15 2009

Recent rains have brought acid to surface.  Remediation with limestone mounds not effective for such a large area so aerial trials starting. Water is turning acidic.


Wind carrying acid sulphate soils towards homes


Clayton Bay 

Windy                                         Calm

Windblown sand 2009