2009 Maps

There can be lengthy delays for satellite imagery.  As of March 2010, Google maps satellite imagery is from pre-drought conditions at least pre 2006.  The links below are aerial photos from the website Nearmap.com with imagery of the Lower Lakes from 29 December 2009.  The expanse of dry lakebed is clearly visible in these aerial photos as well as some of the critical acid hot spots.

Click on the links below to view hi-res, aerial photographs of the Lower Lakes.

Lake Alexandrina  Notice the barren edges and the sheer size of the lakes exposed edges. Can you find the bio-remediation projects? It is estimated that it would take 2000 GL (billions of litres) to fill Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert from today's levels to their full pool level.

Loveday Bay  200 Ha of acidic water discovered here, August 2009.

Dunn Lagoon Another new potential hot spot.

Boggy Lake and Dog Lake. Aerial liming scheduled May 2010 by DEH.

River Murray meets Lake Alexandrina  Logical location for the next weir. 

Murray Mouth as of December 2009.  View historical photos of the Murray Mouth.

Ewe Island Barrage

Tauwitchere Barrage


Lake Albert

Clayton Regulator 

Goolwa Barrage