Following recent heavy rainfall and increased water flows in the Goolwa Channel area, a temporary limestone barrier in lower Currency Creek has been breached. 


The barrier was in place to buffer acid released from the exposed soils in the region, and intercept any acidic water flowing down Currency Creek into the Goolwa Channel.


It is not yet clear whether the breach has resulted in the spread of acidic water into parts of the Goolwa Channel.


If it was to do so, any impact on the water quality in the Goolwa Channel is expected to be minimal and localised.


Work is already underway to add more limestone to the highest risk areas of Currency Creek to reduce the impacts. This is being done as part of the additional aerial limestone trials that commenced this week. 


The breach of the barrier was not an unexpected result in the event of heavy rains. The regulators currently under construction at Currency Creek and the Finniss River are designed to address this issue.


The Environment Protection Authority will continue to monitor water quality and advise on the need for additional measures.


Note: The temporary limestone barrier is not the regulator currently under construction in Currency Creek.




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