Invitation to Comment on Murray Futures Plan

7 August 2009

Read our analysis here.

23 July 2009

The D.E.H has recently asked LakesNeedWater supporters for their comments on their plan.  The deadline is August 7th. We will collate the responses into a single Lakes Need Water comment and forward to D.E.H.  You are also welcome to forward you're own private comments to the D.E.H.

Here is the introductory letter explaining what this is a part of.

This is the D.E.H. Management Action Table to comment on.  

Here is the interactive form that D.E.H has provided.  It is a Word document. Or you can refer to this pdf version of the same feedback form.  (feedback form pdf) 

Please send your comments in a regular email to:  or if you prefer you can forward the completed DEH form as an attachment to .

It will help with the collating of responses if you preface your comments with the section number from the D.E.H table.  The Management Action Table is lengthy.  Please comment on whatever parts interest you.

Thanks for your participation.

The LakesNeedWater Team