Counterbalance Guests

22 June 2010

At 12:35, a talk with, Garry, a local resident who lives on the waterfront of Goolwa who has a positive approach to what should be done with the lower lakes, and methods that should be put in place to return the system into a vibrant social and economic future. 

And at 1:00, Louise Burge of Deniliquin, from the southern Riverina of NSW, who is a mixed dry-land farmer and represents numerous farming and land groups. She's an advocate for efficiencies in renewable and environmental matters and is the current CEO for the Southern Riverina Irrigators. 

The advisory report by the SRI sent to the MDBA in May 2010 is interesting reading.

8 June 2010

Ken Jury and Trevor Harden speak with  Professor Hugh Possingham distinguished conservation biologist and member of the Wentworth Group of Scientists about the Lower Lakes.

Click here for the 4-part YouTube video

Part One is a discussion about estuaries and how variability in salinity and water levels is good for diversity.

Part Two the discussion continues with topics about adaptability of estuaries during times of drought.

In Part Three Professor Possingham discusses some of the new opportunities within a renewed estuarine system and compares the estuaries of The Camargue in France to the Lower Lakes.

And in Part Four a discussion of how Australian native bird species might adapt to a restored estuarine environment.

1 June 2010

Mark Parnell Greens member of the Legislative Council in South Australia

Alastair Wood author of 'Poor Man River' and 'Of Billabongs and Broken Dreams'

Russell Seaman, Environmental Manager for DEH’s Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Projects team

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Ken Jury, is the host of 'Counterbalance'.  Ken has 45 years experience as a journalist in Marine & Aquatic Ecology in SA. During which time he has worked with State government, media outlets, and had the pleasure of working with both the National Geographic Magazine and the Cousteau Society. Ken lives in Goolwa, South Australia.