Opening Goolwa Lock

31 August 2009

Re: Focus on Boating in the Victor Harbor Times, 20th of August 2009

The Alexandrina council via Mayor Mchugh has at rallies pushed the "fresh water barrow" relentlessly.  Now that the Goolwa Pool is being raised to 0.7m, with fresh water from Lake Alexandrina, the mayor is lobbying for the lock to be opened by the long weekend in October, 2009 through to Easter 2010. 

I believe the Goolwa channel's state worsened last year, (high salinity levels) because the Lock stayed opened until the end of January 2009.  

Hopefully the request will be turned down. If Mayor Mchugh wants freshwater, then not one drop of freshwater should be allowed to go through the Lock/ Barrage into the Murray Mouth, All spare fresh water should be pumped back over the Clayton weir into Lake Alexandrina.

Sean Murphy