Wetlands Below Lock 1

Below is a map identifying some of the issues in the Lower Murray during the drought.

New management program for wetlands between Lock 1 and Wellington.

Click on the 'pins' to read more about each wetland and view a more recent satellite image. View in Google MyMaps.

From a SA MDB NRM media release in 2007

"The majority of wetlands below Lock 1 are now bone dry, with only 20% of wetlands in this region remaining connected to the River Murray as a result of low water levels. While a short dry period can be beneficial, extended periods of drought can pose significant threats to the health of a wetland."

This 2008 CSIRO report looked at nine 'unmanaged wetlands' below Lock 1 (6MB) On page 5, the scientists have put these nine into ASS risk categories ranging from moderate to extremely high. The wetlands studied are located on the map below using the scientist's UTM coordinates of their soil samples.

Wetlands below Lock 1 at Blanchetown that will require ASS management.  

Click on the wetland below to see a more current hi-res satellite image.  Each image is approximately 500kb.

Coolcha Lagoon, Teal Flat and Teal Flat Hut, Younghusband, Lake Carlet, Youndhusband West, Mannum Swamps, Reedy Creek, Riverglades, Mason Rock,Tailem Bend, Devon Downs North, Walker Flat South Lagoon, and Craignook

Wetlands studied in the CSIRO report above are: Swanport, Ukee, Kroehns Landing, Noonawirra, North Purnong, Murrundi, Lake Carlet, Devon Downs South, and Devon Downs North.

This is Purnong Lagoon wetland . Not mentioned in either the MDB NRM Board report above, nor in the CSIRO report below.  

Other problems in the region below Lock 1 and Blanchetown are levee cracking and bank slumping.

Other issues for the area 'Below Lock One' include houses at risk, the Swanport Bridge, and water salinity