Regulator Updates

The Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation (DWLBC) has a website with updates on the regulators and other remediation efforts, click here.

Information on the biggest regulator of them all, the proposed Pomanda Weir.

11 September 2009

One of the larger pumps at Clayton has been brought online and that the remaining units should be pumping by the middle of next week. Most of the water in the Goolwa channel to-date is as a result of runoff from the Finniss River and to a lesser degree, Currency Creek.

5 September 2009

Photos of the progress on the Currency Creek Regulator

16 August 2009 

Photos of the finished Clayton Regulator

10 August 2009

Photos of the Currency Creek regulator

9 August 2009

Photos of the Clayton Regulator

1 August 2009

Currency Creek regulator back under construction, this time with sand.

31 July 2009

Clayton regulator information and photos. Lateline video on the Clayton regulator.

21 July 2009

Signs recently erected by the DEH have been vandalised...

20 July 2009

In an interview on 891 ‘Morning’ today,... click here

15 July 2009

"The latest news reaching LakesNeedWater this morning is that the Currency Creek and Finniss regulators have been abandoned..." click here

17 June 2009

News release from the office of Hon Karlene Maywald, 17 June 2009

"Construction of Goolwa regulators starts this week"

Extracted from the document above: 

"Public information sessions outlining the construction schedule and details will be held this Thursday, June 18, at the Clayton Bay Community Hall, from 2-3pm, and at the Alexandrina Council Chambers in Goolwa from 4-5pm."

Read about what went on at the meetings in Goolwa and Clayton Bay.