Freshwater vs seawater: be careful what you wish for

1 August 2009

The new Clayton Regulator is an eyesore, there is no doubt about that. And it is ironic that it need never have been built were it not for the insistence of a 'freshwater only' solution to the environmental crisis in the Lower Lakes.

Insisting on freshwater only, means that in this time of drought there is only freshwater coming from the local tributiaries and the water left in Lake Alexandrina. That's only enough freshwater to cover the acid sullphate soils now exposed between Goolwa and Clayton.

The protestors have given the Government no choice but to build the regulator (dam) at Clayton to contain the localized freshwater flows and cover the acid sulphate soils.

If the barrages were opened to allow seawater to flow again, seawater would cover the acid sulphate soils that are now exposed in the Finniss River, Currency Creek and Goolwa Channel. Under this scenario, the Clayton Regulator would be completely unnecessary.

The Clayton regulator will bring a “Freshwater Only Solution” to everyone between Goolwa and Clayton Bay. I hope the protestors are happy.

Name witheld upon request

Clayton Bay