Telemetry Beacons in the Lower Lakes


A number of sites are being decommissioned due to the cessation of funding for the acid sulfate soil monitoring program.  Sites that were installed to provide additional monitoring services were:

A4261123 D/S Hindmarsh Island Bridge (now remaining due to funding being secured)

A4261124 West Clayton Beacon 65

A4261155 Warringee Pt - Lake Albert

A4261202 Lower Finniss

A4261203 Currency Creek

A4261158 4km West Pomanda Point

A4261157 SE Milang

A4261156 W Pt McLeay

A4261200 D/S Wellington

A4261201 Tailem Bend

A4261127 Pompoota

A4261129 Beacon 75

Currently seeking funding for another 5 sites in addition to A4261123.

The annual operational costs for each site is approximately $7k/year.  Lakes monitoring sites are more expensive than compared to sites upstream due to additional maintenance requirements.


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