Newsletter, 21 June 2009

Poll Results

A big “Thank You” to all of you for voting in the LakesNeedWater Poll.  

Do you support opening the barrages to restore the Lower Lakes to a tidal estuary? 79% yes

Do you support building a weir near Wellington to protect SA’s water supply? 63% yes


Search the Hansard Record

A new free service from Open Australia is now on the front page of the website.  It allows you to easily search the Hansard record. .  We urge everyone to write to your parliamentary representative.

Interesting Reading and Viewing

For those of you who missed the ABC Catalyst episode on the Lower Lakes, we have a link to the video here . Don’t miss the "Acid Mud" segment. Too many reports and not enough time. This one from 2000, is worth reading though: "Murray River Barrages Environmental Flows". (If only the government would heed the advice it contains.) A few noteworthy excerpts are on our new page, The Case for Seawater. This page is made especially for those times when you run into one of those ‘It’s always been fresh’ people.


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Photo of the Month

'Aerial Liming', Currency Creek by Ken Jury