Remediation Journal

9 November 2009

Media release from Penny Wong on the status and plans for the $10M bioremediation works.

26 October 2009

Latest update from DWLBC Note contrasting pictures of Currency Creek and how in May 2009, the whole area was so close to becoming acidic as shown by the red-brown colouring.  How does Loveday Bay and Boggy Lake look now? No recent information on these sites as yet.

22 October 2009

Finniss regulator halted, as reported in The Times.  The photos below from the Finniss River show pre-Clayton regulator and post Clayton regulator effects from the pumping of 27GL of water from Lake Alexandrina as well as from seasonal winter rains of 2009.


14 October 2009

Latest report from the DWLBC. 

3 October 2009

FAQ about the Goolwa Channel Project by the DWLBC.

25 September 2009

DEH press release Goolwa Channel Water Level Management Project Update .

Also this media release Strategy to Minimize Fish Deaths in Lake Albert .

28 August 2009


200 ha acidic water  discovered near Lake Alexandrina at Loveday Bay

As of August 2009, 20,000 hectares of Acid Sulphate Soils have been exposed. 

Click here for information on the Regulators being constructed.

Background reading on Bio-remediation 

Read what DEH has planned for controlling acid sulphate soils around the Lower Lake region.  Bio-remediation starts with the use of agricultural lime to neutralize the sulphuric acid, and then the seeding of native plants to stabilize the soils and thereby keep further acid from being exposed.

Read an explanation of 'Bio-remediation' as it relates to the Lower Lakes.

See photos of ASS (Acid Sulphate Soils) in the Currency Creek and Finniss areas.

CSIRO information on Acid Sulphate Soils in the Lower Lakes.

Read how other states manage acid sulfate soils. 

The DEH is notifying the public of the 'progress' at this website . Interested members of the community can also sign up with the DEH for automatic email updates.

The Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation (dwlbc) has a website with updates on the regulators and other remediation efforts, click here.


Currency Creek, 15 June 2009

"A wide angle photo,  just downstream of the Narrows with acid everywhere..."

Finniss River, 12 June 2009

"A couple of pix at Wally's Landing on the Finnis and the limestone 300m downstream."

Currency Creek, 1st June 2009

"A shallow, crushed limestone embankment over acid sulphate soils."

Currency Creek, 22nd May 2009

"A semi (attached) unloading limestone from Robe..."

Currency Creek, 21st May 2009

"After heavier trucks got bogged in the soft lakebed mud last week, smaller machines..."

Currency Creek, 18th May 2009

" A home test kit shown here provides an indication, while an official test on the same day in the same area produced a Ph level of 2.75..."