Gippsland Lakes

The Gippsland Lakes in Victoria have much in common with the Lower Lakes of South Australia.  Read this overview about the Gippsland Lakes which also includes Ramsar listed wetlands.

February 2010, the Fishing Legislation Amendment Bill came up in the Hansard.  Darren Chester MP of Gippsland speaks about the fishing and tourism industry (estimated at $200 million per year) that is supported in the region of the Gippsland Lakes.  What should be of interest to South Australians is this, "What we have now is an artificial entrance into what was previously a freshwater lake system."   He speaks about the importance of dredging the entrance and how the state is trialling specialized dredging equipment.

Somehow the Victorians saw the potential for their Gippsland Lakes and acted.  There are no barrages keeping the sea out there.  

Below is a map of the Gippsland Lakes, Victoria region.  Double click to zoom in.