Witholding the MDBA Report

August 2010

After reading the two Wentworth Group reports, “The Urgent Provision of Water to the Coorong and Lower Lakes” ( Sept. 2008 ) and “Sustainable Diversion in the Murray Darling Basin” ( June, 2010 ), and seeing the current situation as of the 14th July, 2010, where the total Basin’s holding is 7550GL ( 33.3% ), you can see why the Murray Darling Basin Report hasn’t been released. 

Alan Holmes said on 891 ABC radio this morning ( 10/08/10 ) that the river requires a flow of 10,000GL, 2450GL more than what is in current storage , therefore I believe they are looking at 60% for environmental flows and 40% for the irrigators as a starting point.

Sean Murphy