And rivers need estuaries...

Learn why the Lower Lakes of the River Murray (Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert) should be restored to their historical estuarine environment.

Learn why barrages were constructed in the 1930's to keep the sea out and turn the lakes into freshwater lakes.  

Does it make sense to continue using the barrages as sea walls instead of working with the natural estuarine environment of the Lower Lakes? 

Read this 2010 Summary of the Crisis for details of the problems of the drought when the Lakes are maintained as freshwater lakes and there is not enough freshwater to supply them.

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This site developed by Susan Myers "Susie" was active between the years of 2008-2012 when the effects of the "Millennium Drought" were severe in South Australia and devasting to the Lower Lakes region. It represents a collaboration of articles from Lower Lakes locals who asked questions and discovered information not always presented in the media and the political system. Susie lost her battle to brain cancer on 12th February 2020.

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