Newsletter, February 2012

From the Editor

Welcome to the LakesNeedWater Newsletter for February 2012

What they're talking about in Sydney

While discussion of the barrages in South Australia is taboo, they're definitely talking about the barrages in Sydney.  On February 8th, Dr. Jennifer Marohasy addressed The Sydney Institute, "Save the Murray: Restore the Estuary".  New among the topics: errors in the fossilized diatom research and classification of the Lower Lakes as part of a barrier estuary that had its evolution interrupted by the barrages.  Read more ...

Responses due on the Murray Darling Proposed Basin Plan

The Proposed Basin Plan of 2011 is a disappointment.  It does not address any of the issues we have been discussing here for the last three years.

  • The plan is based on averages, and will not keep the Lower Lakes full of fresh water should another extended drought occur. 

  • The plan dismisses the fact that the Lower Lakes have a natural estuarine history, and does not explore how a restored estuary might assist the environmental condition of the Lower Murray region.   

Feedback on the basin plan is due by the 16th of April 2012.  The barrages and the Lower Lakes are briefly mentioned on pages 38-39 of the 'Delivering a Healthy Working Basin' a 60 page document.  We encourage everyone to 'have your say' and be counted in the responses.

Photo of the Month - Aerial of Lake Alexandrina & Lake Albert c. 2009

Lower Lakes 2009