Crisis Update January 2010

The only sustainable solution to the problems of the Lower Lakes and Coorong is to return the Lower Lakes to an estuary. This can be accomplished by the following: 

  • Allow seawater to flush out damaging acidity and prevent further deterioration. Tidal inundation has been proven to remediate acid sulphate soils in Queensland. 

  • Modify the barrage gates to be operated remotely and quickly to take advantage of tidal cycles and wind induced heads of water. 

  • Remove accumulated sediments inside the Murray Mouth. 

  • Build a weir or lock between the Lakes and the River. 

  • This would create a biologically diverse Ramsar wetland. 

This solution is feasible and affordable. 

There is no time to waste. The problems are urgent and potentially irreversible unless acted upon immediately. State and Federal Governments must put the necessary resources into the modelling and planning, but it needs political will to make the hard decisions in favour of the Lakes environment.

What follows is a summary of the facts that support the statements above. We appreciate your time and attention and welcome your feedback.

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