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Facts about Estuaries

Below is a collection of interesting articles explaining estuaries.

Where fresh and salt water mix
"The mixing of fresh water and sea water is an important and distinct feature of the estuary. Fresh water, being lighter or less dense than salt water, will flow above the heavier sea water. In estuaries where large amounts of freshwater are discharged, a salt wedge is formed."  Read more...

"The freshwater needs of Australia’s estuaries are poorly understood. How freshwater flows through an estuarine system influences the productivity and dispersion of salt wedges, which are important nurseries for fish larvae. Salt wedges occur at the freshwater-saltwater interface where freshwater flows as a layer over the saltwater ‘wedge’. Read more...

Density dynamics and Estuaries. An interesting introduction to estuarine chemistry...

by Neville burt
A free google book with infomation about the development of estuarine barrages.